Whoever you are and wherever you are, our skincare requirements change with the seasons. Whatever age we may be and whatever our skin colour, our skin has its own unique needs that requires constant care and attention for us to look and feel our best.

Hong Kong is a fast paced city, it presents us with additional challenges of stress and pollution that must also be dealt with or they can have a serious impact on our skin and our overall health and well-being.

To help you deal with these issues Peace Pond works with only the best European skincare lines to deliver you supremely relaxing, skincare treatments that work. Whether you are looking for a simple cleansing, an effective anti-aging treatment, a neckline or an eye care treatment, we have the solutions for you featuring two premium facial brands from Spain and Switzerland and USA. 


Face & Body Technology

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), also known as ‘Ultrasound Facelift’ or ‘3D SkinMed’ is firmly becoming one of the most sought-after lifting treatments for the face and neck here in Hong Kong. 

Our HIFU treatments are designed in such a way that the surface of your skin will be protected while simultaneously ensuring that the IPL, electrical (radio frequency) and laser energy penetrates even deeper and at higher temperatures.

Through this process, we will treat your body over and beyond the foundation and dermis layers, where fat deposits are found and structural weakening tends to start from.

We will heat the target tissue to ~65’C, thereby creating thermal heat from cellular friction and spaced wounds. This process will promote healing by immediately stimulating the cells to produce collagen and rejuvenate your skin tissue.

In a single HIFU treatment in our aesthetic clinic, your mature skin will start working as if new. The net result of this revolutionary new skincare treatment will leave you with brighter, firmer, and smoother skin for months to come.

Body Treatments​

Surrender your body to a selection of enlivening therapies from our massage collection at Peace Pond. Designed to restore health and vitality, these powerful massage techniques will nurture body, mind and soul. Our masseuse are from China and Thailand both offering specialised massage techniques to cater for the tired body. 

Our foot treatments relieves headache and migraine, enhances the immune system, improves blood circulation, normalises organ and gland function – and feels wonderful!

Nail Treatments

Nail care services delivered with impeccable hygiene, top quality imported nail care products, and attentive customer service are the hallmarks of our Peace Pond Nail Spa.

Each of our tastefully appointed Nail Spa's is stylish and comfortable for men and women alike.

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